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Civilisations fabriquées Expo
February 7th
February 29th
5:00 pm
7:00 pm
Arts Underground
Crafted Civilizations is a collection of characters, artefacts, images, rituals and stories that represent societies, sometimes imagined out of thin air and sometimes drawn from international folklore. This theme also inspired some artists in the exhibit to pay homage to those peoples who are extinct or culturally endangered. Crafted Civilizations presents the genius and creativity of how cultures manifest themselves.
The artists
Catherine Jamnicky
Marie-Hélène Comeau
Françoise Laroche
Joe La Jolie
Please note that the gallery hall is accessible to people with mobility issues.
Thanks to:
• Government of Yukon
• Secrétariat du Québec aux relations canadiennes
• Arts Underground
• Yukon Art Society
• Lotteries Yukon
• City of Whitehorse
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