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01-06 Rite de passage Exhibition
January 6th
January 28th
5:00 pm
7:00 pm
Arts Underground
What role does ritual play in our lives today?
Multi-media group show presented until January 31.
The artists
Josée Jacques
Marie-Hélène Comeau
Michel Gignac
Lea-Ann McNally
Virginie Hamel
The theme
All life stages are marked by actions, encounters or events -large and small- that symbolize a step forward. In societies that pay little attention to tradition, families and individuals create their own rituals. In some cultures, rites of passage are an integral part of daily life and give each person a deep sense of connection to the sacred. Nature herself has moments that mark a milestone, when a tree adds another growth ring to its age or a fledging chick prepares to take its first flight. What are your own rites of passage and traditions? What have we kept as an important ritual in a modern society? What is your own interpretation of a sacred rite?
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