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France National Day Celebration
July 13th
5:00 pm
7:00 pm
Baked Café
Wine and Cheese Happy Hour
Wine and Cheese Happy Hour
Let's celebrate France!
To mark the French National Day, the Association franco-yukonnaise invites you to a wine and cheese happy hour. Come have a good time in good company to the music of Olivier de Colombel and Daniel Janke.
Cheese tasting offered free of charge; selection of wines at reasonable prices.
About the artists
What happens when two musician composers meet each other? Besides playing their respective instruments?the piano for Daniel Janke and the saxophone for Olivier de Colombel?, the two artists get a kick out of playing cat and mouse with jazz standards and even with their own music: notes fly and rhythms speed up, giving way to a unique mix of improvisation, wild jazz and sensitivity.
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