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01-30 La Nocturne
January 30th
7:30 pm
4:30 am
La Nocturne
La Nocturne
La Nocturne invites night owls to a bright new artistic experience on a Yukon winter night.
La Nocturne is offering night owls of all species, from rural and urban Yukon, a new artistic experience in the dead of winter. For one night, a 'fauna' of artists will light up Whitehorse with their works and open the doors to their most secret studios! So bundle up, put on your boots and come out to discover our winter artistic fauna.
Visual arts, performances, drama, installations, music, dance, video and fire show, plus coffee and hot chocolate for all!
Nicole Bauberger
John Berryman
Sylvie Binette
Delphine Bouteiller
Olivier de Colombel
Johan Demarles
Brigitte Desjardins
Michel Gignac
Cécile Girard
Léonie Jetten
Joe la Jolie
Nadine Landry et Sammy Lind
Joshua Lesage
Ryan McNally
Claire Ness
Helen O'Connor
Léa Roy
La Nocturne is a premiere winter artistic event. We invited Franco-Yukon artists to draw on our winter and the Fauna theme to create ephemeral contemporary works and performances for presentation on a winter's night.
This initiative is part of the project, "A Flourishing Francophone Artistic and Cultural Community in Yukon and Canada's North", made possible through Canadian Heritage's Community Cultural Action Fund (CCAF).
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Contact: Nathalie Lapointe,, 867 668-2663, ext 500
Merci au ministère du Tourisme et de la Culture du Yukon, à l’Aurore boréale et aux autres organismes et individus qui nous ont permis d’utiliser leurs photos.
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