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ioleda Solo Exhibition
September 17th
November 27th
5:00 pm
7:00 pm
Centre de la francophonie
ioleda Solo Exhibition
ioleda Solo Exhibition
Discover new artwork created especially for this exhibition until November 27.
Exhibition Theme: Passage obligé (Obligatory passage)
The mind swirls in a fog of ideas. Little by little, the ideas fly off because they are unfeasible or lead to a dead end. Away they all fly, breathlessly ... save one. The only idea left: this one is possible, feasible. This idea boils down to an obligatory passage, the only possible option. Others no longer exist. An obligatory passage that may or may not work, but everyone knows this is the path that will bring the other possibilities back. Seemingly simplistic, it can surprise: because once taken, anything can happen. Whether it summons up a past event, or the need to face the future, it forcefully gathers together a wide range of sometimes contradictory emotions. This tunnel, this obligatory passage, keeps your feet on the ground to reflect and see clearly, while urging you to send the universe desires, hopes. One way or another, the purpose of the exercise is to move on and get out of this one-way. Passage obligé, a whirlwind vortex that unlocks endless possibilities.
A Word from the Artist
I've been painting watercolours since I arrived in the Yukon in 2002, and have regularly participated in community exhibitions. It moves me to present these works created especially for this show. The Passage obligé theme really inspired me, because life itself is a continual passage. I chose impressions representing my recent experiences in the North.
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