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01-09 Laboratoire d'hiver
January 9th
January 31st
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Laboratoire d'hiver
Laboratoire d'hiver
Art Opening
January 9, 5 pm to 7 pm
January 9 to 31
Four professional artists unveil works created during the winter season.
• Cécile Girard
• ioleda
• Joe la Jolie
• Karen Éloquin-Arseneau
Winter is a very popular season for one's creative instincts, especially in the Yukon. At that time of year, artists have long, precious months when they take refuge in their studios to work on a project that will bring their art to light and touch people's hearts. To get through this period and ward off cabin fever, many artists draw inspiration from nature or long nights on the town. Others head South or allow themselves to ignore reality and plunge into the depths of winter.
"Laboratoire d'hiver" offers visitors an opportunity to explore the introspection and interpretation of four Yukon Francophone women artists.
How about you, how do you feel about winter?
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