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AFY supports the FCFA's proposed bill for modernizing the Official Languages Act
Whitehorse, March 5, 2019 - The Association franco-yukonnaise (AFY) applauds the Fédération des communautés francophones et acadienne du Canada (FCFA) - the organization representing Canada's Francophone and Acadian minority communities - for its proposed bill to modernize the Official Languages Act. The draft bill presented this morning to the Federal Parliament incorporates all the modifications that the FCFA and its members deem necessary to guarantee full compliance with the Act and to breathe new life into Canada's linguistic duality.
"The proposed bill is an important step in the process of promoting and protecting linguistic duality within this country. This proposal arrives in conjunction with the upcoming 50th anniversary of the first Official Languages Act and prepares the way for lasting changes as regards the country's official languages," stated Jeanne Beaudoin, President of AFY.
The FCFA's bill puts forward four key series of changes to the Act:
• It designates a central authority within the federal government with the power to issue guidelines to and demand results from federal institutions regarding the implementation of the Act;
• It confirms the right of official language minority communities to participate in the implementation of the Act, namely with the creation of an advisory board;
• It creates effective accountability mechanisms, such as an official languages tribunal, and reinforces the role of the Commissioner of Official Languages;
• It broadens the scope of rights and obligations within the Act, including the obligation for Supreme Court judges to be bilingual, the inclusion of clauses regarding support for official languages in every fund transfer agreement with provinces and territories, and the obligation for the federal government to develop immigration policies designed to foster linguistic duality.
"We hope that the proposed bill will be well received and that the government will be largely guided by it in order to modernize this Act, which is so vital to minority language communities," President Beaudoin elaborated.

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