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2018 federal budget: positive signs for minority Francophone communities in Canada
Whitehorse, February 28, 2018 - The Association franco-yukonnaise (AFY) is delighted with the additional investments of $400 million dollars over five years announced for the renewal of the Action Plan for Official Languages. The federal budget tabled yesterday by the Finance Minister provides a specific support for official language minority communities and endorses the requests from these communities in terms of funding.

It will be important to study more closely the allocation of this amount, which could mitigate the impact of investments in official language minority communities. However, AFY is encouraged by the funds reserved for official languages, especially since this announcement specifically mentions Francophone communities, which had not been included in the federal budget for years. It is an important starting point to ensure the vitality of the Yukon Francophone community.
"We are very pleased with this announcement. While we do not have all the details about funding and related programs, this injection of new money should help us meet the increasing needs of the Yukon Francophone community, which has been steadily growing for several years now," says André Bourcier, AFY president.

He adds that AFY will remain vigilant as it evaluates the components of the programs under the new Action Plan for Official Languages, but he is optimistic about its future. "We are ready to work on implementing it in collaboration with the government."
Association franco-yukonnaise
The official representative of the Yukon Francophone community and a leader in its development since 1982, the Association franco-yukonnaise (AFY) aims to enhance Yukon Francophones' quality of life in French.
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