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Developing a Trudeau plan for communities
Whitehorse, November 30, 2017- The Association franco-yukonnaise (AFY) joins the Fédération des communautés francophones et acadienne du Canada (FCFA) to ask for an increase in investments for minority Francophone communities in the next action plan for official languages. This is part of AFY's expectations to preserve the vitality and growth of the Yukon Francophone community in a sustainable manner.
"To reinvigorate minority Francophone communities, reverse the population decline and curb assimilation, we need a total of $575 million in additional investments for Francophone communities across the country. This increase is essential to meet the growing needs of the Yukon Francophone community," says André Bourcier, AFY president.
Today, AFY is sharing the highlights of an analysis of public accounts that indicates that minority Francophone organizations and institutions have received only a meagre share of the funding from the Roadmap for Canada's Official Languages 2013-2018. This analysis was produced by a working committee comprised of FCFA's partners.
Francophone organizations and institutions only received $0.25 of each dollar invested in the Roadmap and $0.07 of transfer payments from Canadian Heritage earmarked for official languages. These amounts are inadequate to support the development of our communities.
Together with the FCFA, AFY is calling on the federal government to create a Trudeau plan that produces a genuine positive transformation for communities, in five major areas:
• Maintaining and increasing the demographic weight of Francophone communities.
• Creating spaces where people can live in French.
• Strengthening capacities of community organizations and institutions.
• Providing access to education in French from junior kindergarten to post-secondary and into adulthood, in every province and territory.
• Revitalizing Francophone communities in rural and remote areas.
"In Whitehorse, on September 2, Prime Minister Trudeau stated the importance of developing both official languages and the government's responsibility in defending communities in a minority setting. It is an excellent opportunity for the Prime Minister to demonstrate a real commitment to the Canadian Francophonie," concludes André Bourcier.
Association franco-yukonnaise
Official voice and leader in the development of the Yukon French-speaking community since 1982, AFY aims to improve the quality of life of Yukon Francophones.

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