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Promising budget for French language services in Yukon
Whitehorse, May 1, 2017 - The Association franco-yukonnaise (AFY) enthusiastically welcomes the Government of Yukon's 2017-18 budget which recognizes several pressing needs set out in the document Taking Action For a Vibrant and Dynamic Yukon Francophone Community. Published in September 2016, this position paper was produced to inspire those who make important decisions concerning the lives of Francophones in the Yukon.
Significant funding announces a clear improvement to services in French:
• $8 million for the continued development of a new French language high school in Whitehorse.
• $14 million over three years will support significant improvements in delivering French language primary, emergency and mental health care services. The budget provides for a feasibility study on the establishment of a bilingual primary health care clinic and on increasing the number of bilingual positions, with a strong emphasis on health services.
AFY is also pleased with the projected investment of $50,000 to begin developing a broad-based arts and cultural policy to support growth in this sector, while ensuring that it recognizes the importance of French arts and culture in the development of the Yukon community.
"AFY will continue to position itself as a privileged partner of the Yukon government with respect to French language services in the territory," said AFY President Angélique Bernard. "The last few years have been characterized by a number of positive developments; the future looks even more promising for the Yukon Francophone community."
The position paper is available, in both official languages, at
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Official voice and leader in the development of the Yukon French-speaking community since 1982, AFY aims to improve the quality of life of Yukon Francophones.
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