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Fostering French-language distance education in the Yukon
Whitehorse, February 29, 2016 - The Association franco-yukonnaise (AFY) is proud to partner with Éducacentre College to offer Yukoners more access to more French-language distance training. This partnership is consistent with the accreditation standards of Éducacentre College, which can now award its own diplomas and develop quality programs to better meet the needs of Francophones and the labour market.
"This change in status opens the door to new partnerships," said Thomas Godin, President of Éducacentre College. "It made sense to start with the Association franco-yukonnaise, a long-time partner of the College. Ultimately, this collaboration will benefit all Francophone communities, in the North and the West."
"Thanks to a large network of partners, AFY has been meeting the adult training needs of Yukon Francophones since 1991," said AFY President Angélique Bernard. "We will be pleased to implement the plan developed with Éducacentre College and encourage Yukoners to participate in the College's quality distance education programs."
Programs and collegial studies in education, health, tourism and hospitality services are offered, in addition to a variety of continuing education courses. For more details, go to (in French only):
About Éducacentre College
The College meets the training needs of Francophones in British Columbia and promotes French-language education through a wide range of programs and services adapted to each student's needs and environment. The College is newly certified by Private Career Training Institutions Agency (of BC) and Education Quality Assurance.
About Association franco-yukonnaise
Official voice and leader in the development of the Yukon French-speaking community since 1982, AFY aims to improve the quality of life of Yukon Francophones.
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