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The AFY organized a two-day visit with Canadian embassy immigration representatives. Their visit allowed the various economic players to become aware of the services available to employers to promote Francophone immigration.
During their stay, Louise Van Wickle, Head of Francophone promotion at the Canadian Embassy in Paris, and Julie Bernier, First Secretary, Immigration at the Canadian Embassy in Dakar (Senegal) met with employers like NorthWestel and Northern Vision Development (NVD), with the Whitehorse Chamber of Commerce, the Tourism Industry Association of Yukon and the Yukon Chamber of Commerce. Many thanks to Peter Turner, of the Yukon Chamber of Commerce, for his support and assistance in organizing this very important meeting.
Finally, the Honourable Elaine Taylor, Yukon Deputy Premier, Minister of Tourism and Culture, Minister responsible for the Women's Directorate and Minister responsible for the French Language Services Directorate, also met with the two immigration representatives.
In the coming months, the AFY will work with employers to encourage their participation in Destination Canada with a view to increasing Francophone immigration in the Yukon and meeting skilled labour needs in the territory.
Merci au ministère du Tourisme et de la Culture du Yukon, à l’Aurore boréale et aux autres organismes et individus qui nous ont permis d’utiliser leurs photos.
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