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Special offer from the Canadian Tourism Commission
The Canada Specialist Program (CSP) offers online training that allows travel agents from a dozen countries to be certified as experts on Canada. This training entitles them to privileged access to familiarization (FAM) tours and discounts on hotels and tourist attractions when travelling in Canada.
The Canadian Tourism Commission (CTC) wishes to update the list of partners (lodging, tourist attractions and activities) who offer discounts to CSP travel agents. If you would like to offer these specialists a discount when they travel in the Yukon without being part of a FAM tour, simply let the CTC know.
The deadline for receipt of offers is September 12, 2014, and these offers are translated and posted on the country pages for CSP - specifically India, Brazil, China, Mexico, Japan, UK, S. Korea, France, Germany, Australia, USA and Canada. Ideally they look for a 50% discount, but will accept less. The terms and restrictions cover most questions and allows for the attraction, hotel or activity to limit the availability of the offer.
Contact : Yvonne Nichie, nichie.yvonne@ctc-ccact.ca

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