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02-02 Human Behaviour Exhibition
February 2nd
February 24th
Arts Underground
What are we willing to accept, and what are our limits?
Four French-speaking artists exhibit their work on the theme of Human Behaviour. A variety of artwork such as paintings, sketches, and unique artistic installations is presented.
Please note that the gallery hall is accessible to people with mobility issues.
The Artists
Joe la Jolie
Josée Jacques
Michel Gignac
The Exhibition
Each species has its own social codes. The ones that govern the human race change from one society to another and, sometimes, even from one person to another. How we interpret social behaviour varies in relation to our education and our life experiences.
What should we expect from the people around us? How should we approach others, socialize, connect? Why should a gesture be denounced or praised? We condemn the actions of certain public figures but accept cruel acts daily at work, between friends or in love. What right do we have to criticize sharply and find fault with everything? Why aren't we more empathic?
The Human Behaviour exhibition explores the evolution of our behaviour and what we could call the modern code of conduct.
Thanks to:
• Government of Canada
• Government of Yukon
• Arts Underground
• Yukon Art Society
• Hougen Group of Companies
• Lotteries Yukon
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