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03-18 Sugar Shack
March 18th
12:00 pm
4:00 pm
Diamond Tooth Gerties parking lot, Dawson City
Sugar Shack
Since 1983, working with an impressive team of volunteers, the Association franco-yukonnaise has upheld, in the Yukon, one of the oldest French Canadian traditions: the sugar shack.
For a good time with family and friends, don't miss this opportunity to indulge your sweet tooth with our famous maple taffy on snow and other maple goodies.
Great fun for the young and not so young!
Did you know...
The Amerindians of eastern Canada were the first to discover maple syrup.
According to legend, a tribal chief planted his tomahawk in a tree for the night. Upon withdrawing it the following morning, sap flowed from the tree. His wife used the sap to cook some meat. Enchanted with its sweet taste and aroma, he named the syrup Sinzibuckwud, an Algonguin word meaning "drawn from wood". A tradition was born.
One that would be passed on and adopted by French Canadians.
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